Carbon Monoxide DetectorsLandlords: Are you aware of the new law regarding carbon monoxide detectors?

From October 1st 2015, landlords will be required by law, to install carbon monoxide detectors in their properties. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to a civil penalty being imposed of up to £5,000.

These requirements apply to both houses and flats. The Government say the new regulation has been put into place in order to help prevent on average 25 deaths and 700 injuries a year.

The carbon monoxide detectors must be fitted in every room where there is a solid fuel burning appliance. However, as gas appliances can emit carbon monoxide, it is encouraged that landlords should ensure that working carbon monoxide detectors are installed in rooms with these too.

In order to ensure the carbon monoxide detectors are installed in the correct place, it is advised to follow the manufacturer’s instructions which will typically tell you to install them at head height, roughly 1-3 metres away from the solid fuel burning appliance.

The regulations require landlords to test all alarms on the first day of each new tenancy. After that, the tenant is responsible for their own safety and should regularly check all alarms are in working order.

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